Laengga & Tayrawa (Flea Market in Sad metry & Tayrawa in Sey metry)

Self - Portrait

Trying on Helene's stuff from the Bazaari.

(A) Meat Shop

DVD pirated shop.

He insists to have a picture taken with me (awwww!)





Locally made sherbet (s)

Their own version of DIRTY ICE CREAM

Mr. Paklawa

Vegetable & Fruits Shop

Vegetables & Fruits

More pose.


His Banana Sherbet this time.


Karwan eating his paklawa (local sweets)

Another break, another orange sherbet with a local sweet (paklawa)

Got so thirsty I sipped my sherbet in 10 seconds.

Karwan posing while waiting for his sherbet

Choose what you want.

We got so thirsty so we grabbed an orange sherbet.

Searching for Jeans (Flea Market)

Love birds inside the Flea Market Area.


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