My Love for guitars

I taught myself to play the guitar at the age of 15. I have been wanting to learn how to play since I was five years old. We had this old guitar that was so out of tune but I loved the sound brought by this instrument. No one was patient enough to teach me so I had the initiative to teach myself. The technique I used was learning a song and practiced strumming and then the chords. I had to learn to coordinate both the strumming and the changing of chords. It was hard, but I was really adamant to learn the instrument. And learned I did.

But I learned playing it through a borrowed instrument so I made a deal with my mom that if I will still be in the honors list on my last year in high school she would buy me a guitar despite the fact we were so strapped for cash then.

And she bought me this guitar made of mango wood. It was ugly, but I loved the sound produced by it.

My second guitar was from a shop in Sta. Mesa Manila. From my meager money I really bought the guitar to keep me company in my adventure in Manila. I was such a starving artist.

My third guitar was bought from Market Market. It was a beautiful blue acoustic guitar.

And now my current guitar I bought from a shop here in Erbil. Changed the strings though and now it sounds perfect. I tune it with an online guitar tuning website.

Guitars play a major role in my life. Wherever I am, I always have a guitar. Singing and playing the guitar is my form of expression to free myself from loneliness and sadness.

It is very therapeutic for me.


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