A series of unfortunate events?

Two days ago, a series of unfortunate events took place that I really do believe I am in a some kind of conspiracy theory amongst the deities in charge of mischief, Loki and who???? First my work laptop crashed and I may have messed up my hard drive and my work files (God Forbid!) can't be retrieved anymore.

Then, ironically my personal HP mini's wireless capacity also crashed so I have no internet for the past few days at home and needless to say I am using someone else's laptop just to be able to connect to the internet.

I should feel some withdrawal symptoms right? I used to be in the realms of the world wide web 24/7 and all of a sudden I don't have access. How cruel the gods were right?

But, it's almost my 3rd day now and somehow I feel better and recharged. And to be honest, I feel happy. Is this the feeling of decluttering? I hope I can continue feeling like this.

Until, our IT manager finds the solution to fix the wireless configuration of my HP mini. For now, I have to make use of my idle time into creative and spiritually enriching moments. How deep!

For now, I will take it easy and re-organize my thoughts and priorities now that I have taken out one addiction(?). Facebook account was totally deactivated.

And I can see there is no organization of thoughts in this blog. So what this is my blog, so for now
I will write whatever I want. Hope to be inspired to write meaningful blogs the next time.


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