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Erbil - Marnisa's Day Off (Shepherdess)

I was on my self pitying mode again, so I decided to call up my friend Karwan who never fails to cheer me up when I am confronted with grief over the loss of my only parent, my mother. But before we were able to go to the city a resident of the village where we both work complained of the cows grazing and roaming around the village which was wreaking havoc to the newly planted flowers and plants in the green area of the village. The thing is I enjoy chasing cows or sheep. It reminds me of an old chore I have when I was 7 or 8 years old where my dad used to have a water buffalo for rice planting. I found a small PVC pipe and chased them out of the village.

Erbil - Marnisa's Day Off

This is Erbil (Hawler). My adopted city as I am an expat. These photos were taken up inside a cable car. According to some friends compared to like 5 years ago, the progress of the city is astounding.


Where do you get the will and strength to live your life day by day? Do you need to feel love in order to be inspired? To feel alive?