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A Love Story - Fiction Part I

“How are you feeling?”, he asked. “I feel tired”, I replied. “Come I wanna tell you something”, he said. I shrugged and dismissed him with a nod but he insisted and plopped himself beside the mattress. It was a bad day for me as work was so hectic that day. But he slowly massaged my head and somehow I felt better. “I love you”, he whispered. I froze. My body couldn’t move. I was in shock I couldn’t speak. “But I thought you don’t love easily?”, my mind was protesting I felt maybe he wasn’t serious. But I looked into his eyes and I can see the truth in it. I was silent for a while as I immersed into the feeling. I’ve managed to shield myself from anything that will expose my heart to love. I don’t want to fall in love again. I have been strong alone for a long time but he invaded my senses with his scent, with his touch and with his kiss. “Don’t move”, he said. I sat with my legs crossed as he slowly inched his way towards me. He parted my hair with his hands and started

A Love Story - Fiction Part II

I slammed the door to his face as I hurriedly went in our room to undress. “Please help me understand. What’s the problem? Why are you acting like this?’, he asked with confusion. I didn’t want him to know jealousy was already eating up my insides. I didn’t want him to know I was weak that he has that kind of power over me. “I’m fine. I am just pissed off at work. So how did your photo shoot go?”, I asked. I was hoping the small talk would take our minds off from the real issue. Few months have passed since he started modeling work I try to be the supportive girlfriend. Meeting him in the most unusual circumstance he was an ordinary guy doing roofing tiles. One day as I was parking my car he was sitting near the parking lot smoking taking a break from the scorching heat of the sun. I asked him if it was fine to park in that manner and he said probably. It was his eyes under his cap so blue that I stopped and stared at it for a minute. His unruly hair was all over his face. It w

The Resilience of a Kurd

Life is made up of moments that become memories. Good memories are remembered fondly. Bad memories tend to become lessons. The up side of bad memories, they are like fire and hammer to steel pounded by a blacksmith. The blacksmith shapes the steel and becomes strong. People are like steel. They become resilient in the face of challenges and adversity. The resilience of the Kurds is like steel. They are determined to build from nothing, to create their own identity and show the world that they are their own people. I came to Erbil in 2009 as an expat working for a construction company. It was my first experience to work abroad and I was plagued with home sickness. Kurdistan has proved to be a place where I would grow to appreciate their people, culture and the history. I am amazed of their resilience as I hear several stories of how they suffered during war. I’ve met a lot of people who would tell me stories that would show their tenacity and positivity. Let me tell