A Love Story - Fiction Part II

I slammed the door to his face as I hurriedly went in our room to undress.
“Please help me understand. What’s the problem? Why are you acting like this?’, he asked with confusion.
I didn’t want him to know jealousy was already eating up my insides. I didn’t want him to know I was weak that he has that kind of power over me.
“I’m fine. I am just pissed off at work. So how did your photo shoot go?”, I asked. I was hoping the small talk would take our minds off from the real issue.
Few months have passed since he started modeling work I try to be the supportive girlfriend. Meeting him in the most unusual circumstance he was an ordinary guy doing roofing tiles. One day as I was parking my car he was sitting near the parking lot smoking taking a break from the scorching heat of the sun.
I asked him if it was fine to park in that manner and he said probably. It was his eyes under his cap so blue that I stopped and stared at it for a minute. His unruly hair was all over his face. It was blonde.
“Are you an employee here?”, I asked.
“No, we are subcontractors.”, he replied.
I walked towards the building hoping to finish my errand as it was unusually hot that day. To my dismay, the person I was supposed to talk to was on vacation so I had no choice but to go back the next week to finalize our account. I went back to my car and he was still there. I saw a parking ticket inserted in my windshield wiper.
“Darn!”, I blurted out. He smiled and offered me cigarette. I looked at him and I saw his eyes twinkling with humor.
“Some day huh?”, he asked.
“Yeah! Today is my lucky day.”, I replied.
“What’s your name?”, I asked to be polite.
“Sharbel. And you?”, he blurted in return.
“Carla. Carla Ferrer.”, I answered.
“Are you Filipina?”, he asked. There was curiosity in his voice. I nodded while blowing cigarette smoke to the air.
He told me he was Lebanese and working for a period of time in the same project my company is also involved with.
The first meeting led to a phone call the next day. I wondered how he got hold of my number and found out later his boss was also a work acquaintance from the company I visited the other day and he was curious about me so he asked for my number. He asked if he could take me out on a date and surprisingly I was not offended. So I said yes to his request. I gave him the details of my address and when he showed up to my doorstep my jaw dropped and saw a transformed man right in front of me. The unruly blonde hair was neatly tied into a pony tail and his shaved face showed classic contours. He was amazingly good looking that my photographer’s instinct was itching to shoot him.
Several dates later, we found a lot of things in common. I truly enjoyed his company. He was witty and observant. I found out he didn’t finish school because he wanted to enjoy his life. I learned to break preconceived notions and set standards for someone you want to be in a relationship with.
I didn’t have a relationship for a long time because I was too busy with my career. I was blindsided by him and after all the tossing and turning in my bed I decided to be in a relationship.
He moved in with me in my condominium unit. We had a very comfortable life then. We were so into each other, making love and taking care of each other’s needs. In my spare time when we both have no work, we were so comfortable just talking over a cup of coffee. He showed me his world, the music he liked, what he learned in his vagabond years and how learned all kinds of blue collar jobs just so he can be free with his life.
Dates were something we look forward to because we never stop talking almost about everything. Shopping with him was sheer pleasure because his tastes were also impeccable. And he always asks if I liked it on him. He values my opinion.
He is like a good book that u can’t stop from turning its pages because the plot is thickening.
I took candid photos of him and compiled it into a portfolio. Without his knowledge, I sent it to a friend of mine who had contacts in a modeling agency.
“Baby, I have something to tell you.”, I said trying to conceal my excitement.
“Yeah? What is it?”, he replied.
He was cooking our dinner and was busy preparing the stuff needed.
“Guess what? An Ad Agency liked some of the photos I took of you and they want to get you as a model for boxers.”, I gleefully answered.
He stopped chopping for a minute and looked at me.
“Is this what you want?”, he asked.
“Yes, baby this is your chance for a break. No more scorching heat of the sun for you! No more roofing work!,” I joyfully exclaimed.
“Baby, as long as your happy it’s ok with me.”, he said in a serious tone.
Little did I know that my good intentions will break us apart. But I was ecstatic and I didn’t think selfishly.
Dinner was exceptionally good that night. After dinner I took a shower. My hair was still wet when I joined him in our bed. I was kind of shivering from the cold with the A/C set to a lower temperature.
He stood and went inside the bathroom. He took the hair dryer and brush.
“Come here. “, he said. He blow dried my hair and slowly brushed it. The heat of the dryer helped stop my shivering. With each stroke of the brush he smelled my hair and kissed it gently.
When my hair was dry he went to put the dryer in place. He went to bed and joined me inside the comforter.
He put his left arm under my neck and embraced me to keep me warm. As sleep was about to come to me he whispered in my ear.
“Bmout fike, inta hayati habibe.”, he said softly.
(Translation: You are my life, I love you my love)


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