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Just for Laughs

Homer never fails to humor me (",)

You Make Me Feel Brand New

My love I'll never find the words, my love To tell you how I feel, my love Mere words could not explain Precious love You held my life within your hands Created everything I am Taught me how to live again Only you care when I needed a friend Believed in me through thick and thin This song is for you and with gratitude and love *God bless you You make me feel brand new For God blessed me with you You make me feel brand new I sing this song 'cause you Make me feel brand new My love Whenever I was insecure You build me up and made me sure You gave my pride back to me Precious friend With you I always had a friend You're someone who I can depend To walk a path that sometimes bends Without you Life has no meaning or rhyme Like words to a song out of time How can I repay you for having faith in me (Go to *)