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I wrote this piece while I was starting with Sara Lee Direct Selling Philippines as a Sales Training Supervisor assigned in Surigao City branch. This was sent by then country manager - Ricky Sy to the VP of Sales and Operations in the US.  ______________________________________________________________________ “ OUR HEART KNOW’S NO REST, UNTIL IT RESTS IN THEE.” -St. Augustine- I have been constantly searching for fulfillment. It was my belief that if I continue to challenge my capacity as a human being, I would continue to grow. As I was constantly seeking for the “this is it” thing, I developed a certain desire to break free from the usual norms. After graduating from college, I wanted to work immediately. It took me three jobs before I got the job I really wanted. Uh! Not really. But let me put it this way, it wasn’t what I really wanted but later on as you will read my article you will find out it was not always the job we want, but it should be the job we g

A Tribute to my Mother

My mother succumbed to cancer in 13 April 2010. This piece was written as a Feature Story requirement in my Journalism class in College. Tomorrow marks her 5th year death anniversary. _______________________________________________________________________________ She was so near into making her permanent vows and this was to marry God. But God must have other plans for her. Instead, she traversed into a different path - a path she thought she would never encounter. And with this path of life she took, never did she feel any sense of regret despite all the opportunities she had lost when she decided to walk away from having a religious life, no chance could compare with the joy she had when she became a wife and a mother. Born in a big family, Susana Abarcar lived a typical girl's life. She was the youngest of the brood of seven. She was spoiled with attention from her parents, brothers and sisters. But she never became an arrogant for theirs was a simple family who tille