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Citadel of Arbil

The Citadel of Arbil ( Arabic : قلعة أربيل ; Kurdish : Qelay Hewlêr ) is a tell or occupied mound, and the historical city centre of Arbil in Iraq . It has been claimed that the site is the oldest continuously inhabited town in the world. [ 1 ] The earliest evidence for occupation of the citadel mound dates to the 5th millennium BC, and possibly earlier. It appears for the first time in historical sources during the Ur III period, and gained particular importance during the Neo-Assyrian period. During the Sassanian period and the Abbasid Caliphate , Arbil was an important centre for Christianity . After the Mongols captured the citadel in 1258, the importance of Arbil declined. During the 20th century, the urban structure was significantly modified, as a result of which a number of houses and public buildings were destroyed. In 2007, the High Commission for Erbil Citadel Revitalization (HCECR) was established to oversee the restoration of the citadel. In the same year, all inh


I tried to assess myself what I have accomplished, achieved, attained and realized at this point in my life. And I think I need to do a thorough soul searching of what I really want in my life. There are dreams or ambitions that need upgrading or better yet just abandon if it's totally worthless to pursue. Life doesn't end when you can't achieve a dream or so it seems right? I guess I needed to be affirmed that sometimes reality bites and stings... Is it fitting to say ouch?