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Off to Ankara

Two days before my departure to Ankara, Turkey for a work/holiday travel, I suddenly got the hives again and my lips got swollen like a blow fish. I had to take antihistamine again to prevent from itching but I took it after my lips were swollen so bad. Till now, my lips are hard and swollen but the size was not the same as that of yesterday. I haven't packed a thing yet because I slept the entire day due to the side effects of the medicine. As I have posted on my status updates during the beginning of the year, 2012 is MY year. I will fill it with memories of travel and new ventures. I think I deserve to have the life I have always dreamed of. I worked hard first before I got to reap the fruits of my sacrifices. For my TRUE friends and families who never gave up on me, who silently cheered me on my neurotic status updates. For my two inspirations in life who continually amazes me and I discover a lot of surprising stuff from them as the years go by. For my two sisters who c