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Sulaymaniyah (Kurdish: سلێمانی / Silêmanî); -----is a city in Iraqi Kurdistan. It is the capital of Sulaymaniyah Governorate and served as the capital of the Kingdom of Kurdistan from 1921 until 1924. Sulaimaniyah is surrounded by the Azmar Range, Goizja Range and the Qaiwan Range in the north east, Baranan Mountain in the south and the Tasluje Hills in the west. The city has a semi-arid climate with very hot and dry summers and very cold winters. Sulaimaniyah served as the historic capital of the Kurdish principality of Baban from 1784 to 1850. The modern city of Sulaimaniyah was founded in 1784 by the Kurdish prince Ibrahim Pasha Baban who named it after his father Sulaiman Pasha. Because it was founded as the capital of a powerful Kurdish principality, Sulaimaniyah has developed into a large city with a population of about 759,508 people. It is the cultural center of the Sorani-speaking Kurds and an important economic center for Iraqi Kurdistan.

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