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Demise of a Friend - Ramon Bonzo III

I was asked by a classmate to write something, sort of a tribute to a classmate to be compiled with the thoughts of my other classmates about our former classmate, Ramon Bonzo III. I dread the day that I would have to write anything about death especially at our age where we should be stretching the capacity of our limits as a human being. We practically grew up together as being classmates since elementary. He was a teacher's pet, my mom's actually because she was his adviser in kindergarten. She really liked him and she would always mention him to me how polite and courteous he was. He was always neat and his uniforms were always tucked in. He was always very participative in class and the most vivid memory that I have of him was during the story telling competition that we had in our Speech Contest. We both had to deliver the piece, "The Frog Prince". I was sick and tired of reciting the story but with Ramon he gives his best performance every time th