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Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are [Official Video]

When I hear this song I think of you........I love you .........

Laengga & Tayrawa (Flea Market in Sad metry & Tayrawa in Sey metry)

Self - Portrait Trying on Helene's stuff from the Bazaari. (A) Meat Shop DVD pirated shop. He insists to have a picture taken with me (awwww!) Paklawa Paklawa Paklawa Paklawa Locally made sherbet (s) Their own version of DIRTY ICE CREAM Mr. Paklawa Vegetable & Fruits Shop Vegetables & Fruits More pose. CLICK! His Banana Sherbet this time. Mirroring Karwan eating his paklawa (local sweets) Another break, another orange sherbet with a local sweet (paklawa) Got so thirsty I sipped my sherbet in 10 seconds. Karwan posing while waiting for his sherbet Choose what you want. We got so thirsty so w


Hewa & Me at Costa Rica Me in Reband's Car Govand , Tony & Nadim with Magic Sing Nadim & Govand Nadim

I can't find Nemo


Happy Birthday Mama

Mama during happy days, June 2008

House of Lamps

This is a Lamp/Lighting Fixtures Shop in Setaqan Street in Erbil. It's like your in Aladdin's Palace.