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Commendation of Chargé De Affaires Elmer G. Cato for my work in Iraq and Libya

We first worked with her five years ago when we asked her to serve as the Philippine Embassy coordinator in Erbil, capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq where she was an overseas worker.  We knew we made the right choice when she rose to the occasion just a few months later in the aftermath of a fire at a local hotel that claimed the lives of 13 Filipino women working there. It was Maria Marnisa A. Ty who not only immediately reported the incident to us in Baghdad but also volunteered to help us identify all 13 kababayan who perished in the inferno.  Maria’s work allowed us to make those difficult phone calls informing families back home of the sad fate that befell their loved ones in a faraway land. She was there at the Jouhayna Hotel helping us sort out the personal effects of the victims; at the Rizgari Hospital to prepare our kababayan for their final journey home; and at the Erbil International Airport to see to it they have a proper send off. Last year, we asked Maria if she wo