A Love Story - Fiction Part I

“How are you feeling?”, he asked.
“I feel tired”, I replied.
“Come I wanna tell you something”, he said.
I shrugged and dismissed him with a nod but he insisted and plopped himself beside the mattress. It was a bad day for me as work was so hectic that day. But he slowly massaged my head and somehow I felt better.
“I love you”, he whispered. I froze. My body couldn’t move. I was in shock I couldn’t speak.
“But I thought you don’t love easily?”, my mind was protesting I felt maybe he wasn’t serious. But I looked into his eyes and I can see the truth in it. I was silent for a while as I immersed into the feeling.
I’ve managed to shield myself from anything that will expose my heart to love. I don’t want to fall in love again. I have been strong alone for a long time but he invaded my senses with his scent, with his touch and with his kiss.
“Don’t move”, he said.
I sat with my legs crossed as he slowly inched his way towards me. He parted my hair with his hands and started caressing my face. He made butterfly kisses on my ears and slowly inching down on my neck. His lips barely touched my skin as he gripped my neck with his right hand.
“Stay still”, he ordered as I attempted to start touching his hair. My body was weak with the sensations that his tongue managed to achieve.
He slowly pushed me down so I was lying on my back. He slowly took off my blouse as his hands caressed my legs. I was shivering with anticipation already as he slowly inched his kisses on my chest.
“Please….”, I begged my voice choking with desire. He positioned himself above me and I saw his eyes raging also with desire. And with careless abandon, he kissed me passionately until I was breathless and gasping for air. It was sheer torture and pleasure at the same time.
We made love twice that night. As we lingered in our silence, the throes of passion subsiding he put his head on my chest and I can hear his labored breathing slowly going back to normal. He fell asleep as I embraced him and toyed with his beautiful blonde hair. It smelled of jasmine.
Tears fell down my eyes as I know this dream won’t last forever. As I cradled his head in my arms I silently bade him goodbye.
“U te amo… I whispered as sleep slowly took away my consciousness.


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