Today marks the start of the Kurdish spring equinox new year.

Happy Nawroz to everyone. However, something very disturbing happened to me today.
As of now, I am literally shaking from the two incidents that transpired.

I woke up very late today and at 6pm I decided to cook something for my lunch-dinner to be.
I made chicken a la king, just sliced chicken breasts with canned mixed veggies.

As I was making it, I checked the freezer and saw a bag of chicken hotdogs and decided to fry some of it. As the pan heated up I took the hotdogs and plopped them on the pan and all of a sudden a huge burst of fire blew up in front of me, I froze for a moment and then went to the sink to get some water to throw over the pan. But fortunately the fire put out by itself but it left me shaken and trembling.

Second incident, on the same day after I took my shower I was lounging on my bed reading some news on the internet and plugged my heater to warm me up a bit when after a few minutes I saw the heater flaring up inside and smoke coming out from it.

Now this time, I am really scared. This is something that I don't want to disregard. This is a premonition for something but I don't know for what. I am getting paranoid and still trembling. I hope this is not something really bad.

Please let this be just a coincidence.


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