In Remembrance To The 13 Filipinas Who Died in Erbil

Can you? Then Charge DÁffaires Elmer Cato of the Philippine Embassy in Baghdad asked me.
Ha? I replied. A myriad of emotions swept through me. I couldn't process it at first.
Can you help in identifying their bodies?
He explained to me that he wanted to have someone he trusts to be present during the forensic
I fell silent. I still didn't commit.

Send-off ceremony
A few minutes later, I made a decision.
I have to do this. 
I should brush off my fear and inhibitions.
Right at that moment, I knew their families needed me.
I deduced that If it was me who died, my family would want me back as soon as possible.
In the case of these 13 women, in a brown wooden casket.
Today is their third year death anniversary.
These women, bless their souls…... was a mother…..a sister….a wife …..a daughter someone…
I never knew how strong I was until being strong was the only choice I had, an adage that resonated in my heart during that ominous day….05th of February 2016….
On the day they were sent home, I wrote their names on top of their caskets.
It broke my heart. 

Today, I will light a candle and say a prayer for their souls.


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