Music is my Life

My love affair for music started when I was still a few months old. Apparently, according to my mom ,my dad used to put a transistor radio that would play music near our crib and it would lull us to sleep. This was a habit that my dad did for me and my older sister. I am thankful for this because till now music is very important to me.

Between TV and an iPod, I will choose the iPod any day. So my house mates could never comprehend why I chose to be in my room all day rather than lounging in the entertainment area watching in our 50 inches surround-sound theatre system. Currently, I have 1,000 plus songs in my iPod. I had an iPod shuffle before but I decided to invest in iTouch with 32 gigabytes of memory because I am a music lover.

My music is eclectic. But my constant favorites are as follows based on their ranking the first one being the most:

1. Bob Marley ( Who doesn’t love him?)

2. Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong

3. Salsa / Latin Music

4. Chambao

5. Trance / Club Music

6. 80’s music

7. And most pop singers

Lately, Owl City and Alesha Dixon are on my Top 25 playlist. I walk to my office every day. It’s a 15 minute walk that would let me immerse in my own world. Like this morning, Spandau Ballet serenaded me with “TRUE”.

My daily habit everyday when I wake up, after my shower is a glass of orange juice and a vitamin pill. I hate vitamin pills but I have no choice as I hate hospitals more. Then, I put my earphones and I indulge in music till I get to my office. Music really helps in giving me a good disposition every morning. I am never an irritable person and when I do get irritated it doesn’t affect my mood the whole day. Tonight, I will be in a Janet Jackson music trip. Fugees tomorrow?


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